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Silverstone offers a variety of recruitment services across Blue Collar, White Collar and Executive roles within Australia. Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary recruitment solution, Silverstone can help.

Contract Recruitment Services in Australia

Silverstone Recruitment can assist you with your contract staff requirements.

We understand the importance of hiring skilled, qualified, contract staff and the impact it can have on business productivity.

Many of our clients are increasingly requiring specific short term and temporary staffing solutions. As such, Silverstone’s growing network of active contract candidates ensures we can respond rapidly to the requirements of our clients with the very best talent available.

At Silverstone Recruitment, we take the pain out of hiring contract workers and we pride ourselves on our detailed and thorough processing guidelines.

If your company is looking for highly skilled and professional contract applicants in Australia, call us on Ph: 08 6365 5416

Permanent Recruitment Services in Australia

Silverstone’s Permanent recruitment team understand the importance of placing applicants that fulfil the long term needs of our clients.

To do so, we must understand our client’s business intimately. We take pride in researching the company’s goals, culture and challenges. This knowledge combined with our team’s own specialist skillset ensures every permanent recruitment process provides the very best talent specific to the available position. 

We’re passionate about the impact great employees have on business performance, especially when recruiting for a permanent job position. We stay engaged with both our clients and placement after the recruitment process is finalised to ensure continued success and retention. 

If your company is looking for professional permanent recruitment applicants in Australia, call us on Ph: 08 6365 5416

Executive Recruitment Services in Australia

Are you looking for a key executive to lead your company?

Silverstone Recruitment understands that finding the right senior executive to lead your company involves a high-level of hiring experience. Today’s leaders are expected to maximise an organisations performance. Silverstone works confidentially to identify the very top executive talent in the market be it locally, nationally or globally.

Our specialist executive search division will provide only the highest achievers for your executive roles. A rigorous assessment of each executive candidate is undertaken to ensure their success in the position.

The candidates track record, knowledge, potential, drive, leadership style and cultural awareness are assessed thoroughly.

If your company is looking for executive recruitment solutions, call us on Ph: 08 6365 5416

Candidate Services in Perth Western Australia

Silverstone Recruitment is the leading employment agency in Perth and Western Australia, with over 25 years of experience.

We value our candidate’s careers and we are passionate about placing them in their ideal job roles. By taking the time to understand your background, interests and career aspirations, we aim to provide you with the most suitable opportunities. Silverstone employment services also provide professional advice based on our wealth of industry knowledge to ensure you excel in your chosen career.

Whether you are looking for a job in the mining or construction industry, or a corporate or executive position, Silverstone can help.

Browse our current range of jobs in Western Australia here or to be considered for future roles, contact us with your CV here.

Payroll Services in Western Australia

Silverstone also offers a comprehensive outsourced payroll service.

Many clients are outsourcing their payroll needs as it is more efficient and allows the employer to focus solely on their business needs. Outsourcing your payroll can be a highly effective way of streamlining payroll delivery.

Silverstone manages the entire employer/contract employee relationship on behalf of the client. Our payroll services include:

  • Salary Payments
  • Payment of PAYG
  • Superannuation
  • Payroll Tax
  • Workers Compensation
  • Public Liability, Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Any other relevant statutory costs associated with the employment of staff

If you are looking to outsource your business’ payroll needs, contact Silverstone on Ph: 08 6365 5416